There is a Time to Juice

Eating Ice Cream in the Dark is my attempt to share a deep love of food and drink–its sensory pleasure, its endless variety, its fascinating role in culture and history.  But, alas, my love of food and drink possesses an element of compulsive behavior.  Winter is an excuse to eat heavier foods, which sometimes leads the inner fat kid to act out–he stuffs a stromboli with smothered cheese fries, or fills a pot pie with pasta.

Dipping the aforementioned stromboli in garlic butter is both disgusting and delicious, and for that it was a success.  But overindulgence in such things can lead to unfortunate circumstances.  Your cat may, as you recline, climb on to your belly, and with its front paws  begin to knead your soft midsection.  You will share a laugh as your significant other exclaims, “Look the cat’s making biscuits on your belly.”  And it is amusing at first, as the cat explores the softness of your stomach, tentatively..  However, the cat might not stop, after his first few pokes, but instead become seemingly transfixed, mesmerized, and continue its prodding, almost possessed, for several minutes until your belly becomes tender.  Your significant other, no longer amused, who has already with each night become increasingly frustrated with the snoring and sleepfarts, may turn away, as you notice what seems a mixture of shame and contempt enter their expression.


Under these circumstances, fearing your bad habits will only gain momentum as the holidays approach you may buy a juicer, swearing that it will only be fresh juice, and maybe a salad for dinner, for the next few weeks.

So you will find a few recipes for juices here over the next few weeks, and perhaps beyond, as I try to flush toxins, and sculpt a stomach less interesting to felines.


Beet, Carrot, and then Some

  • 2 large carrots
  • 2 medium beets
  • 2 stalks celery
  • 1 large, or two medium cucumbers

This juice is great for breakfast, a bit sweet, with a refreshing undertone provided by the cucumber and celery.  It is a good liver flush.  Do not be alarmed by the inevitable, flaming red bowel movements.

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