Link Stew, April 2013

An interesting and beautifully photographed article about the young French chef’s who are making one of the world’s most famous and traditional dining scenes a bit less stodgy.

American craft beer is on the rise, capturing a greater percentage of the marketplace by the year.  A good thing.

4th & Jackson, South Philly

4th & Jackson, South Philly

Philly is a city of BYO’s. A few of them decent sushi restaurants.  Sushi though, is always difficult to pair.  Here a few somms offer their suggestions.

Mark Bittman, formerly of the NY Times, gives my fair city its propers.

No reason a fat kid can’t be stylish.

Drinking wine in mixed company is always a chore.  Will there be a snob who removes their nose from the bowl of their glass only to look down it at you? This article offers a lengthy, academic breakdown of how to describe one of wines more ambiguous descriptors–minerality.


Hipsters are doing their best to make an interest in food annoying.  Stop them.  Also a word to hipsters–your art is pedestrian and unimaginative.  You look like jackasses.

Natural wine is trending.  It is unsulfured, and sometimes a bit oxidized.  There can be considerable bottle variation, and it is often quite stinky.  Tradtionalists and advocates of natural wine are engaging in a high-falootin’ pissing match in the wine press.

This.  Good day.

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